Friday, October 14, 2011

Pop Jammerz Life


As the crowd chanted and cheered in anticipation of their idol's crash on his cymbals... The stage banner dropped... lights came on and the sound of guitars pierced into everyone's ears..

Such precision and smooth transition flow.. Another great performance... Just another day in a life of a musician... Musicians heads home to rest and recuperate!

That's when the real work begins. First on site, last to leave.. The unsung heroes of Jammerz Arena... This very blog entry is dedicated to our specialists whom has worked hard... not for fame nor for fortune... But for sheer passion and love for what they do...


It all started out with an initiative, passion and not forgetting the right skills for the job. "Technical Crew", now known as "Production Crew" was established by Jammerz Arena, in hopes of developing holistic stage performers that would perform well both on stage and off stage. With a strong believe in striving hard for success, every Jammerz Arena members are trained by default as Technical stage hands. Irregardless of their roles e.g. Musicians, vocalists, marketing, Media crews.. Nothing beats standing on a stage you helped put together, the sense of achievement is far more better than performing alone.

SHOW DAY - Guitar and Drum Tech On Standby To Assist Our Performers

2nd Generation OF J.A Production CREW - Tech Workshop 2010

Every member whom joins the ranks of Jammerz Arena, are placed through various training workshops that equips them in both performing and basic technical skills like understanding the basic signal flow of sound, trouble shooting on stage, basic stage lingo terms, how to plan and plot a stage layout, how to prepare a technical rider and cue sheets etc... Most importantly, to understand and respect the unsung heroes whom never get recognized for their hard-work and sweat in putting a show together and finally tearing it down.. The cycle continues...With the constant support from The Republic Cultural Centre, we were able to expand our training for production crews with provision of our own set of basic FOH set up and equipments for training purposes. Besides that, Audio mixing and light engineering workshops are organized to train our crews for free.

So if you think you are up for it... Join us as a J.A Specialist today !!

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